The 7th of each month is the latest submission date for correctly completed forms, except for December when the deadline is 1st December due to the earlier scheduled Scholarship pay run.



Scholarship Application Guide - STUDENTS

Scholarship Application Guide - BUDGET HOLDERS

Visiting Scholarship Form (For students staying less than four weeks)


Online Scholarship Form (secure Page)




 Contact your College Office/Supervisor with any queries questions regarding your Scholarship e.g.  

Your college office will be able to tell you the correct Agresso budget code, the scholarship dates and amount and who should approve your application.

For College office contact persons, click here



Visiting International Students should contact their School Office or their Supervisor for a letter to obtain a PPS number and an Irish Bank Account.

Full Time International Students should contact the International Office for letters to obtain a PPS number and an Irish Bank Account.

For Students that are registered full time at another Educational Establishment, a letter of Proof of Registration for the time period of the duration of the stay in NUI Galway is required



Students receive payment on the 6th last working day of the month (month beginning of scholarship).

For Payment Dates, click here